Ebola: Why A Travel Ban Is Not A Fix All Solution

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Despite the fact that only one person has come to the United States with Ebola, there is an outcry for a ban on travel between the United States and West Africa. Some people have said that by imposing a ban, we would not be able to get healthcare and help in and out of West Africa. That has been rebutted by the argument that we can still send charter flights. This rebuttal is true.

But there are more reasons not to ban travel between Africa and the United States.

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The Truth About Ebola

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Lets take a step back and actually take a look at the Ebola Virus. It has killed a grand total of nearly 3,900 people. This is almost the same number of people we are sending to fight the virus. Now, several people have stated that the military does not have the training to fight this. Well, this comes from individuals who probably also believe we stand in lines and take turns shooting at our enemy, as if we are still in the Napoleonic Era.

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Alibaba: Is it really worth it?

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Anticipation continues to grow as investors await the initial public offering for Alibaba, a Chinese tech company based out of Hangzhou, China. Alibaba (BABA) closely resembles many of the brands we are already familiar with such as Amazon and eBay, with revenues of over USD 7.5 billion in 2013, and a market valuation of over $168 billion.
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Basics On Controlling Your Credit

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Every time I go to a banker, they tell me I need a credit card. I get told how I wont be able to be successful in society without a credit score. No mortgage, no car loans, no emergency loans for sudden financial problems. What they don’t tell you, is how credit works and how to manage it.
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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Plan Your Retirement

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Who says you have to work until you’re 65? With the decline in the availability of pensions, it is almost a requirement for an individual to begin their retirement planning through their own means. You’re always told to start planning your retirement early, but they never tell you what that means, or what it entails.
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All my If’s and Will’s

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Hope for the Road

All my If’s and Will’s
are sitting around in my head
entertaining each other with stories
of words they have, want to, and never said.

If’s, by nature,
are prone to reminisce
thinking back to every moment
and how it could be different

They want to teach the Will’s a lesson
want them to learn from their mistakes
bring Only’s along and show them off
as a warning of the high stakes

Will’s are determined dreamers
stumbling towards the goal
blinded by good intentions
drug along by future’s pull

Together, they chide me
constant, consistent,
If you had said it,

but you didn’t

next time

it will be different.

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Food Security, Smallholder Farming and Agriculturally Sustainable Intensification

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Since the middle of the 20th Century, the world has produced more people than the entire rest of human history. The human population totaled one billion for the first time in the early 19th Century. It would be another 120 years before the world saw two billion people. Another 33 years and we see our population reach three billion. The population of the world would reach the fourth and fifth billionth person in 14 more years, and 13 years respectively.

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